G&S Services

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Full-service Hardware Support

At G&S Computing, unlike most of our competitors, we offer full-service hardware support on your PC. Additionally, we can custom build your next PC or server based on your requirements for your personal or professional use.

  • Malware/Spyware Removal
  • Hardware Sales/Service
  • Custom built workstations/servers

G&S offers a variety of hardware/software solutions to minimize your downtime and cut on support costs. We can remotely manage your hardware, diagnose network issues, and troubleshoot a variety of software issues without even having to step foot on-site!

  • Managed networks
  • Remote support
  • Cloud/local backup deployments
  • Server administration
  • Office 365 administration

Structured Wiring

G&S has wired up numerous facilities over the years. Structured cabling is the backbone to your IT infrastructure. Whether you need to add a wall port in your office or have your new office building wired from the ground up, we have provided network cabling options for clients in all areas of the field. Having the right cabling in place to optimize efficiency and connectivity are imperative in this "Internet of Things" society.

We can custom fit your network to match your needs. Check out our Facebook page for some job site photos of our custom installations/configurations.

Wireless Solutions

G&S Computing offers a variety of custom wireless network solutions to solve your networking woes. We have setup everything from indoor consumer mesh systems to outdoor wireless solutions to interconnect buildings spanning 20+ acres of land.

Maybe you just purchased that new wireless router, but have NO idea how to configure it and get your wireless devices connected. Give The Geeks at G&S a call!    (803) 641-9943

Maybe you have multiple buildings and have been paying for separate internet services in each building, G&S may have a cost saving solution for you. Over the years, we have saved clients thousands of dollars by providing wireless solutions that can provide long range outdoor network connectivity to remote structures.

No wireless job is too big or small…give The Geeks a call!    (803) 641-9943

Office 365 and Email Server Conversions

Are you tired of fooling with e-mails that MAY be delivered to your intended recipients? Or maybe you need to make your business look more professional by having your own domain? The Geeks can help!

We have assisted numerous clients with e-mail server conversions over the years. We can assist in migrating your existing e-mails to a more reliable platform where e-mail delivery just works.

Office 365 offers clients a guaranteed 99.9% uptime utilizing Microsoft Exchange. This system guarantees reliable e-mail delivery, offers features such as calendar sharing, Microsoft Teams, and locally installed copies of the Microsoft Office suite.

Once the conversion is complete, we can then assist in your mail server administration, users/accounts, mail flow, custom rules, whitelisting, etc.

If you or your company need assistance in migrating/managing your e-mail on one of Microsoft’s Office 365 hosted business plans…give The Geeks a call!    (803) 641-9943